We all want it.

The perfect number on the scale!

Now imagine this. One day that magical number appears! Yes! You Do did it. But there’s a problem.

You still feel heavy.

You still feel somewhat empty.

That number didn’t give you what you thought it could.

What happened?

Maybe there’s more weight to release.

Weight like Bitterness. Carrying bitterness around gets really heavy and toxic.

Weight like Anger. Being filed with anger will take its toll on the strongest person.

Weight like lack of forgiveness. The pain of having someone hurt you is strong. I can only imagine what so many have gone through. Life gets really tough.

Maybe the physical weight was merely a symptom of something greater happening in your heart. In our hearts!

Are you ready to release the other weight? There’s someone who can help!

He lifted the greatest weight of all: SIN!

Jesus is our refuge. Our source of strength. One can turn to Him, no matter what the scale says! Your worth is not found in a three-digit number, skinny skins, having a six pack, or big breasts or a big butt. It’s not in how good your eyebrows look.


Your worth and my worth is in the fact we were made in the image of God. He loves us. He cares about us.

I know this is true because He sent His Son to deliver us from the greatest weight. Quit turning to the scale and to turn to Him.

He will see you through!