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Delete Facebook! 4 Months And Counting

I broke free from the Matrix in April of this year. It was extremely challenging, but well worth it.

I hit the four month of being off of Facebook yesterday. Someone asked me if I might ever get back on it? I said, “I hope not!”

What about you? Are in need of a break from SOCIAL MEDIA? The best time to begin is RIGHT NOW! Yes, it may sound like I’m screaming because I am. Okay, not really, but I certainly feel like it.

Deleting Facebook was like pulling down a spiritual stronghold. It certainly had me. I’ve learned that I don’t need it to operate. I have some other strongholds to pull down. I will Lord willing little by little.

What about you? Are you ready for a change?

Change can come in an instant.

It’s up to you.

Let’s Go!



Life is all about attitude! Everyday we get to choose the mindset we will have. I CAN DO...SO CAN YOU. Let's go.
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  1. I’ve only had Facebook for almost 9 months and I only give myself an hour a day on social media. So, I don’t feel the need to break free. But I know alot of people have the need to break free. I use social media to promote my blog and website. It’s a great marketing tool and its free

    1. Great job and excellent discipline! Yeah, I was way over 1 hour a day! You are right with the marketing tool as well! How was your weekend? I was out of town last week, so trying to get back in the groove. Hope you’re having a super day!

      1. In the beginning I stayed on it longer but then I realized I was spending to much time and I changed. My weekend was great! Thank you very much! Looking forward to reading more of your post! Have a wonderful blessed day 😊

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