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Please Don’t Like This! Delete Facebook.

I’ve been off Facebook for 4 months now. I met another convert yesterday who has also deleted Facebook. Although, his story was pretty scary in that his account is somehow opened again, and he has no access to it. WOW! NUTS!

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I just read something this morning that was really interesting.

Facebook is considering getting rid of the “LIKE” button. Why?

There appears to be a variety of reasons. TWO WORDS!


Social media has a way of making people comparing themselves to others in a negative way. People begin to feel inadequate. They don’t measure up to others, or at least that’s how they feel. What’s interesting about all of this is that the company itself recognizes this. They are experimenting with this in seven countries right now.

Here is the article if you want to read it for YOURSELF.

Pretty interesting stuff. And pretty sad as well. I’ve been a part of that cycle in the past. I don’t miss it at all. Oh wait, yes I do. From time to time my EGO misses the attention it received based upon my posts.

Which is another reason for ditching Facebook (IMO). The choice is ultimately yours.

My suggestion with respect to social media.

  1. Delete the app from your phone. If you find yourself gravitating to your phone for it, you may need to take a break.
  2. Go 30 days without any social media and see how you feel.
  3. Count the Cost. What’s the benefit of social media to you? Is it helping you make money? Is it for business purposes? Is it sucking your time and energy? What is the true cost of it for you?




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  1. They got rid of the number of likes you can see on Instagram and honestly I prefer not seeing numbers. It makes it less enticing. However, IG has its own issues and I feel like getting rid of likes does not solve its bigger problems such as “compare and despair” and the dreaded highlight reels. Only reason I use IG on my phone is to make IG stories about fitness.

    As for FB, I became less active on it in 2017. I haven’t checked it at all since 2018. For those who are trying to quit their FB addiction, give your password away to someone you trust and get them to change the password. That’s what I did and never looked back.

    1. I totally agree Hilary! Excellent thoughts. Thank you for reading. How is your fitness journey going? Are you putting your videos on your website?

      1. I save the IG on my phone and I have thought about putting the screenshots on my blog (I don’t have the ability to feature videos). However, there’s a lot of IG stories lol. The total number of days I’ve worked out so far is 25 days (6 days a week). This will be day 26. If I don’t workout my mood worsens. Lately, I’ve been playing that game of compare and despair and it’s not a nice feeling at all!

      2. I gotcha! You are doing excellent. I know your family is very proud of you. So am I. Keep going strong. The game of compare is a powerful one. You are unique, strong, and special, as we all are. Just be you! You got this.

      3. I recently learned that my grandmother used to do yoga when she was in her 20’s and 30’s which I thought was interesting. Back in her day, people didn’t have the internet or technology. She would do yoga in her living room. We are incredibly privileged these days with information at our fingertips, and yet, we are probably the laziest generation yet.

  2. I’ve been on FB for years and hadn’t had any problems. Suddenly, when I was put in FaceBook a few days ago, one of their employees put me in FaceBook Jail for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I stated a historical fact about the Muslims. BAM! I was banned from commenting for 30 days. I think it is time to leave them to waller in their own juices, as my dear mother would have said. FaceBook has become a cesspool of fascism. Perhaps it is time to leave.
    Good article. I enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! Yes, things are certainly changing and people are becoming more aware of the problems.

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