That was intense.

4-weeks. 2 workouts a day with 1 rest day.

Workouts could be anything.

Lifting. Yes!

Sprints! Yep!

Peleton bike. Yes Please.

Runs/Jogs/Walks. For sure!

Hundreds of pushups. You know it!

4-weeks. If I missed a workout I had to pay my friend $20.00 who did the challenge with me. And vice versa!

It was just what I need.

Now to take a few days off.

Holidays are coming.

So is another challenge.

This time with food. The stakes just got higher. $50 must be paid each time you don’t follow the rules that were set as a team.

Game on!

Who is coming with me?

I will meet you at the starting line and we will cross the finish line together!

Let’s go!