My mind has become pleasantly quiet as of late. 

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I still listen to music as I sweat on my Peleton bike, or walk outside with the hot sun beating on my face.

My time has increased as of late. 

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I still have the same 24-hours in a day. I still wake up early while it’s still dark outside and the house nice and quiet.

My desire for other activities has sky rocketed as of late. 

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I’ve always been kind of curious, but recently I’ve taken more aggressive steps pursuing new activities.

I trace much of this back to a decision while I was in the bathtub.

I was closing in on 1,500 or 2,000 friends on Facebook. I can’t remember anymore what the exact moment was. But something was off.

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Why did I feel the way I did? Sad, depressed. Could it really be from an app? Could it really come from a free social media site? If I deleted Facebook, what all of the people I would let down? What about all of the people I would disappoint by not posting encouraging posts? If I delete Facebook, my stats on my blog will also decrease?

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Would it be worth it? Would I regret it?

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I had already been down this path in 2016. Now I was back. Was I truly addicted? Had my EGO grown so much that the most obvious answer could no longer clearly be seen?

Once I was blind. But now I can see.

I needed to strike fast before I convinced myself not to. Instead of deleting…

  1. I began by unfriending everyone.
  2. This meant that even if I had a change of heart the next day, I would have to send friend requests all over again. OUCH.
  3. That would be embarrassing. And super time consuming.

Okay done, all were now deleted! WAIT? WHAT DID I DO? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

That was the battle in my mind.

The next day hurt as I hit DELETE. I thought I was done, but Facebook is never done. They give you 30 days before account is fully deleted.


Why was this harder to give up than drinking alcohol over 20 years ago?


Fast Forward now.

5 months and Facebook is still deleted. Have I lost followers on my blog? YES!

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Do I still a little isolated from time to time? YES!

Do I regret not being on it? Only a few times! But otherwise, NO!

There’s a new world that awaits me. New projects. New ways to discipline myself even more. What about you?

Have you been trying to do less Facebook? I know your struggle. I can relate.

The best time is right now. Give it a shot.

It may change your life.

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