We’ve all felt it.

The pressure.

Feeling like your suffocating.

The feeling of swimming in the ocean. You’re taking big strokes, but you’re not getting any closer to shore. In fact, it feels like you’re drowning.

FEAR has a way of doing that!

Join the club. At some point in life, we will all experience it.


What if we could overcome FEAR?

I believe we can rise above it.

We are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made, Psalm 139.

Our God is big. He is mighty! He is able!

So I say, “Let’s go!” Let’s crush some fear through God’s strength.

But how? I’m so glad you asked. Let me suggest a few thoughts.

1. Remember what you’ve already been through. The Israelites were constantly told to remember! Remember what God had already done for them. Remember what He is able to do. God is able! Remember. Open His word! Get off social media and fix your eyes on Jesus.

2.It’s okay to be afraid. Moses was afraid. Esther was afraid but she spoke to the king. Being afraid doesn’t mean you stop. It means you rely on God even more. Be afraid. It’s okay. But use that fear to the strength of the Almighty. He is our shield and protector.

3. Move forward. Fear loves for us to remain stagnant. To be still. To run away. To hide. But we have armor. Therefore, use it! It’s designed to protect us, so we can move forward. So walk, jog, run to the battle. You’re not running alone. The great I AM is with You.

Let’s go!