This last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak at a local bank.

The bank hosts a breakfasts once a month for business leaders.

I was given this opportunity after the original speaker cancelled. I had given my business cards to one of the employees last year. She held on to it! Thank you Rachel!

My talk was called “Health is Wealth: Investing in yourself. I wanted to encourage the audience how to go about accomplishing their personal goals during the holiday season.

I had three main points for this talk.

1. Wake-up before you wake-up. Before we hit rock bottom with respect to our health, we need to wake up! It’s important to understand the value of your health without having to have something tragic happen. In the event of a major wake-up call, we must be willing to respond the right way.

2. Review the game plan. In this talk, I used a lot of football analogies. After each game, players and coaches review the game film to see what they did well and where they need to improve. We must do the same when it comes to our health. This can be hard, but it’s also necessary.

3. I finished the talk with a phrase I love. It’s the phrase “Do It Now.” This is a mentality that will give us success! Your health is too important to put off. Now is the time! Go get it.

I Can Do…So Can You