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72, 298 words. That’s what the stat section says with the amount of words from my blog posts for 2019.

WOW! Who knew? Now I do and so do you. Hopefully this will encourage you to keep going. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to blogging. I don’t have 1,000 subscribers. I don’t have 500 subscribers.

I have to use Grammarly to assist me with my grammar! I don’t have it on right now, so hopefully this will not be too bad.

I’m not as consistent as I wanted to be earlier in the year. However, I’m still blogging. It’s become a part of me. Yes, I still get excited when I get a new subscriber. Yes, I still get excited when someone comments. And at times, I get bummed when my stats say, “Zero Views.”

But seeing that number a few minutes ago reminded me of something.


JUST KEEP WRITING. Because blogging is not always about the number.

  • It’s about being able to put something positive in the world.
  • It’s about influencing others for good.
  • It’s about seeing if I have what it takes.
  • It’s about experimenting and getting out of your comfort zone.

So, as we approach 2020, to all of us bloggers out there: JUST KEEP WRITING.

Whether you have 1,000 or 10 followers, it’s OKAY! The fact you have a website says something. Get after it.



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  1. Amen! Thanks for the inspiring reminder to just keep going!

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  2. Love this, may we all be enxouraged to keep at it.

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    • Thank you for the kind words! You’ve made my morning. Now I’m even more fired up to keep writing and to keep going! Let’s Go!


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