Last night I was craving sleep. I got home and with great anticipation got ready for bed. As I laid down in my comfortable warm bed ready to blissfully fall asleep and dream sweet dreams, is when I heard it.

A squeaking. An irritating sound. But what was it? It was coming from outdoors. It didn’t stop. At first, I was worried. Was it the roof? Were there some wild animals that had escaped and somehow made it through the locked fence and were waiting to attack me at first chance?


Then it came to me. The sound I heard was the sound of delay! It was my fence. The winds in North Texas can get really strong. There’s a wooden beam I’ve been meaning to replace. It was swaying back and forth.

And. It. Wouldn’t. Stop.


The Sound Of Delay

I really had good intentions! For real I did. Back in November or December, I called the guy who had repaired another part of our fence earlier in the year. I spoke to my neighbor and shared with him what needed to be done. He was fine with it and was willing to split the cost. But the fence never got fixed.

I had good intentions. But good intentions are never enough.

The Sound of Delay

Upon waking this morning, after getting my bearings, checking my blood pressure (112/74) and checking my glucose levels (lower than the night before. Okay, I’m paranoid with my numbers as of late. I don’t have diabetes and want to be sure I don’t get it), I heard the sound of delay again!

The wind is still blowing. The fence beam is still creaking. The sound of delay doesn’t just go away. It must be dealt with and addressed. This is so easy to type, but follow-through is really whether or not the lesson has been learned. Apparently, I have not learned my lesson. As I’m typing these words, I’m reminded of another SOUND OF DELAY!

Our chairs at our dining room table. They make this loud irritating sound when one pulls one of them out to sit. I bought these cushions at Lowe’s to put on the bottom of the legs. Problem Solved! Boom! I’m the best husband (or at least that’s what I tell myself). The only problem now is that the cushions need to be replaced. I’ve been hearing the sound of delay for a while with them. But I somehow live with it. Isn’t that just said?  Maybe I condition my ears so it doesn’t sound so bad.

The Sound of delay will not go away. These sounds must be addressed right now! I’m going to Lowe’s today! “I have spoken.” The fence may take a little while longer. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. The reality is I could probably get someone out here fast. I will make a phone call today! Because the sound of delay will just not go away.

Actually, it will! Isn’t it interesting how when we get fed up with a certain situation that things will begin to change? It’s 2020. What have you been listening to for a long time that you know needs to be changed? What have you been tolerating in your life that you know needs to change?

How fast could you resolve the issue?

What steps could you take today to move forward to fix the problem?

The Sound of delay! Don’t let it get in your way.

Hear it!

Acknowledge it!

Own it!

Fix it!



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