Lately, my mind has been on the subject of time. We had an extra day in February. How did you spend it? Tomorrow we will spring forward! I got some extra sleep this morning. Maybe my body knows what’s going with the change!

Sunday is always a busy time for me. As a preacher, my mind is constantly on my sermons. Time is a big factor for me on Sundays. Each first day of the week, we partake of the Lord’s Supper, Acts 20:7. We take the time to remember the sacrifice of our great King!

As I prepare for tomorrow and the Lord’s Supper, it got me thinking about time with respect to Jesus.

  1. Jesus entered into time to save us. He is eternal in nature, John 1:1-4. The eternal one became flesh.
  2. We’re given time references concerning His life. We see in Luke chapter two His birth. We know later in the same chapter that at eight days old He was circumcised. Then there’s a big leap in time in the same chapter to when He is 12 years old and speaking and asking questions in the Temple. Then in Luke chapter three, we see Him beginning His ministry at the age of 30. More time is given to us about His life.
  3. We know how Jesus spent much of His time. Much of it was in prayer to His Father, Mark 1:35. Sometimes it was in the morning. Sometimes it was all night, Luke 6:12-13. Much of it was teaching to the people.
  4. He would often escape His enemies because His time had not yet come. But eventually, it would! In the Garden, the Messiah asked His apostles if they could not watch and pray for one hour.

His time would come to be crucified. I can only imagine how long those seconds and minutes were as they beat Him. Or how long those seconds and minutes were as He carried His cross. I can only imagine how slow it felt when those nails sunk into His flesh. Or when they finally stood the cross up with Him on it.

More time references are given to us. It would become dark for a period of three hours. Then He would die. He would breathe His last breath. The Jews broke the bones of the criminals because the Sabbath was near. But His bones were not broken because He already was dead.

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The preparation day came and went. The Sabbath would come. Jesus was still in the grave. But early on the first day of the week, Jesus would rise from graves. Three days and three nights in the grave. He would spend 40 days with His apostles before His ascension into heaven.

One day He will return. Much time has passed since His death, burial, and resurrection. What day will He return? That information is not given to us. Therefore, we must be ready all the time.

What will we do with the rest of our time? Let’s use it wisely.

  1. In prayer
  2. In teaching
  3. In studying
  4. By laying up treasures in heaven
  5. By anxiously waiting for His return

God bless You! Love Ya!


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