This week has definitely been an eye-opener with everything that’s happened to George Floyd and now across America.

Seeing George Floyd murdered on camera was horrific. It has changed me forever.

Seeing the heinous acts taking place across America with those committing violent acts disguised as protests is horrific as well.

It’s all wrong!

I’ve had so many conversations in the last week talking about Christianity, race, the police, and America as a whole.

Many have asked how they can help. How can YOU be a part of the solution? This question has been on my mind. I have an idea I would like to share with the hope that you will be a part of, as well. It’s called the Nehemiah Effect. I love the man named Nehemiah in the Bible. He was the epitome of a leader. He heard of great distress and prayed earnestly to God. He would also take action.

One man who saw a great need was able to help MANY. As I think about Nehemiah and what he was able to do by the grace of God, I think about what’s happening now. There are things all of us can do when it comes to racism in America. In this Newsletter, I will talk about the story of Nehemiah and lessons we can learn from him as we seek to do good in this world. I will share different projects people are doing to promote unity. For example, two preachers reached out to me about projects they would like to do. Another preacher and I, Lord willing, are planning a discussion about race next week that will be available on social media. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There have been other great suggestions shared, too. All of us have opportunities to make a difference. I’m convinced of that after all of the discussions I’ve had. So many are hurting and looking for ways to help.

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Take care and God Bless.