Don’t Just Hold The Bible

Don’t just hold the Bible…As I think about the image of the President holding the Bible in front of a building where people come to assemble and worship, I wondered what he was doing? Was he going to open it? Was he going to read it? Was he going to say a prayer?He didn’t.

I loved the fact that he was holding a Bible. Was this going to be an EPIC moment? It could have been. How powerful would it have been if he opened it and just read from it for like 20 minutes! WHAT! That would have been so powerful. Maybe from Matthew 5-7.

There’s a sermon everywhere.

Hold the Bible…

Then open the Bible…

Then read the Bible…

Then hide the words in your heart…

Then live those words…

My hope is that the President is doing this behind closed doors. As we think about our walk with Christ, let’s remember these words. It’s always easy to look at someone else. We must always look in the mirror. Name calling, profanity, does nothing. It’s wrong. Don’t leave any of that on this post either. But you know what we all can do?

Well, I will let you hold, open, and read it for yourself…

1 Timothy 2:1-4.

Psalm 119:9-111

Peter 2:17

Don’t put your trust in any president or any political party. They will all let you down at some point. Consider Proverbs 3:5. Keep your eyes on the Great God we serve. Consider Genesis 1.

I wonder if the President will hold up the Bible like that again in a public setting? My hope is that he will open it and read it. But I know one person who I don’t have to wonder about: ME! I get to decide everyday what I will do. Today, I will hold the Bible, open it, read it, hide it, and strive to live it. I will strive to make the necessary changes in my heart. I have much to improve upon. All of us can do this! EVERYDAY. My hope is that the President is doing this behind closed doors as he leads this nation.


Life is all about attitude! Everyday we get to choose the mindset we will have. I CAN DO...SO CAN YOU. Let's go.
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