The Candace Owens Video…

I’ve had a few brethren ask me if I know Candace and if I’ve listened to her. I do know Candace. I’ve known about her for a few years.

I’m having a conversation with a brother in Christ tomorrow at 4p.m. on the phone to discuss her video. Let’s start picking up the phones, sitting in driveways, and having some real discussion and listening.

A post will not be enough. But I’m learning the power of posts for good and bad. A sister in Christ sent me Candace’s latest video concerning George Floyd yesterday. I have mentioned a few times how I’m considering everything. So, I watched it. Here are some of my thoughts that I recently shared on another post by a sister in Christ.

First: Candace Owens is not my hero or my voice. Yes, I know she’s black too.

Second: I wouldn’t post that video with the profanity she has. I’ve spoken to black brethren about taking some posts down for a few reasons. I will say the same thing to white brethren. I recommend you delete it.

Third: I did some research as she mentioned. George is not my hero. He was his daughters hero I’m sure. George had a big criminal past. It doesn’t excuse him being murdered for the world to see. I’ve seen how after a black man dies, the media and white brethren are quick to bring up something from the past as if to say, “he brought this upon himself.” No doubt, one will reap what they sow. This isn’t the case with what happened to George.

-George’s video is clear (it at least should be) for all to see.

-The same with Ahmauds.

-The same with what happened to Botham.

-I think Candace is incorrect.

-I think this is the challenge with social media and brethren. Too many sincere, loving white brethren who I know and love often or at least it appears to be so quick to look for videos like Candace, but are silent and post little to nothing about the horrific chase down and murder of Ahmaud, Botham Jean being shot in his own apartment, and now George Floyd murdered by 4 bad police officers for the world to see.


It comes across as “here’s a video to explain away these events or here is the reason it happened.” That may not be the intent by these brethren, but that’s how it appears. Maybe it is the intent. This increases the pain of so many blacks and black brethren. Blacks and black brethren have to rehearse what they will say when pulled over for whatever reason. I have to have two talks with my son. About sex and about navigating in this world as a black man one day. I have to be even more aware of where I’m running and surroundings. Whites and white brethren typically don’t. In southeast Texas, blacks and black brethren have to map out where they can and can’t stop for gas due to racist towns that have a history to this day! Whites and white brethren typically don’t.

This is the challenge, where the pain is, and the disconnect often is. Finally…whether it’s…

-Candace Owens…

– Joe Biden “you ain’t black unless you vote for me”

-Trump…lack of leadership and uniting people.

None of them are my standard for right or wrong, and what I should or shouldn’t say. Obviously, Jesus and His word is what you and I are standing on.

George is not my hero. Frankly, it’s sad I now have to make disclaimers (another one) about who is my hero and who is not hero…Cmon. We all saw the murder captured by 4 bad apples (police officers) for the world to see. And another disclaimer (no, not all cops are bad). But we did see 4 bad ones in one that video. That’s why I’m speaking out.