Dealing With Racism And Prejudice

Dealing with Racism and Prejudice “Why do we even have to talk about racism? Wouldn’t it better if we just didn’t say anything?” I know some think this way because a brother in Christ said those words to me a few years ago. I was teaching a class on this subject. I appreciate him sharingContinue reading “Dealing With Racism And Prejudice”


Dear son, daddy is so proud of you. You are becoming a young man more and more every day. I am thankful that you are in my life and mommy’s life. Whenever we look at you, we are very proud. I know that you will go way beyond my footsteps. Just always be sure toContinue reading “A LETTER TO MY SON”

Focus On The Father And Your Faith…Not Football And The Flag

“Are you ready for some football? A Monday night party?”  I used to love hearing those words growing up! Monday night football. Nothing like it!  Not anymore!  Things continue to change!  Blockbuster is dead…Netflix lives Home phone lines are dead…Cell phones live JCPenney, Macy’s, and Sears are on their way out…Amazon lives Newspapers are dead…onlineContinue reading “Focus On The Father And Your Faith…Not Football And The Flag”