It’s interesting how numbers dictate so many of our emotions.

Consider a few examples…

  1. The scale. The 3-digit number can ruin a person’s day.
  2. Likes on a social media platform. The number of likes or comments can quickly determine how a person feels. People can put hours into a post, only for a few likes! It can be crushing at times.
  3. Money in the bank. Okay, now this is a big deal. But however our bank account reads, it doesn’t make or break us as a person. Or at least, it shouldn’t!
  4. Wins and Loses on a team. A team can work really hard and still not have it show up in the wins column. But that doesn’t take away from the effort they put into it.

Don’t get me wrong. Numbers are important. They do help us to see from where we’ve come and where we may be headed. But they don’t always tell the entire story.


Be careful with how much emotion you put into numbers.

You may not have many likes on social media, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t LIKED. You’re loved by God.

You may not have reached the goal weight on the scale, but it doesn’t mean you wont reach your goal. You will. KEEP GOING.

You may not have the ideal numbers in your bank account, but it doesn’t take away from your worth or value. You are VALUABLE in the eyes of God.

Sometimes playing the numbers game is a game we just can’t win. So, let’s play a game we can win and be successful in.

  1. A game like the daily action steps that will help us to get one step closer to our goals.
  2. A game like focusing on gratitude and the blessings in our lives.

Don’t be consumed by the numbers!