Growth doesn’t just happen. Life is now in session. Are you present?

John C. Maxwell

I’m reading “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell.

I love that quote! Growth doesn’t just happen. As much as we would love life to work that way, it doesn’t.

You will not have bigger muscles by doing nothing. You will not get in better shape without putting in the work.

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You will not have a slimmer waist by doing nothing.

You will not grow in your public speaking abilities by doing nothing.

None of this is some kind of News Flash! And yet, I think we all could look back and see at times we have lived with this kind of mentality.

Growth doesn’t just happen!

In life, we have to be intentional. Eating the right foods (proteins, carbs, and fat), at the right times (every 2-3 hours), consistently takes planning. We have to be intentional about it.

If you want to get to the next level in your sport, career, or even in your marriage, you will have to be intentional about it.

Growth doesn’t just happen!

So, how can we be intentional about growing in every aspect of our lives? John Maxwell recommends the following:

Rework your calendar so you have an appointment with yourself for personal growth every day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year.

John C. Maxwell

We have to be intentional. Set an appointment with yourself! But can it be that simple? I think so. We may need to sacrifice a few things getting in the way of the growth we truly desire. Things like Facebook, television, and Facebook! Ha.

The One Thing

Set an appointment with yourself today! What are you currently doing to grow? What are you willing to do to get better? Now is your time. Book your session with yourself right now!

One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words: it is expressed in the choices one makes.

Eleanor Roosevelt