Wakie wakie eggs and bakie! I hope and pray all is well with you.

I’ve been adding a ton of resources to my website, http://www.benjaminlee.blog.

I’ve added all of my sermons from the past 12 years. I’m confident these will be valuable to you.

I’ve divided them up from the previous congregation where I preached and where I currently am preaching.

  1. https://benjaminlee.blog/dowlen-road-sermons/
  2. https://benjaminlee.blog/west-main-sermons/
  3. Here is my most recent sermon called “Christians in the workplace.
Christians in the workplace

There are now videos for my free workbook called, “Getting to know Jesus.” This is a Bible study that will help you to learn more about Jesus!

  1. You can find the free workbook by clicking this link: https://benjaminlee.blog/free-workbooks/
  2. You can find the videos for each of these lessons by clicking this link: https://benjaminlee.blog/getting-to-know-jesus/

Here’s a sample of one of these videos.

More updates to come tomorrow!

Please enjoy.

Don’t forget, Jesus loves you.

I Can Do…So Can You