We all want the big hit! The big fish! The big client! The big deposit into our checking account!

We want to hit a home run. We want to feel the great pleasure of knocking something out of the park. Sometimes, we will hit a home run. But then there are other times where we just need to get on base. A single, double, or triple will get the job done.

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Here’s why this is important.

  1. If our mindset in life and even in sports is to always hit a home run, we’re going to be disappointed quite a bit.
  2. We’re going to experience more disappointment than success.
  3. We’re going to be reaching and stressing instead of being relaxed and staying in the moment.

I spoke to a client recently and used this analogy. It resonated well for him, and I hope it will for you. As you think about your goals (losing weight, saving money, etc.) first strive to just get on base. Begin to accumulate some WINS. Get comfortable with the situation. As you get more experience, you will get more singles, doubles, triples, and eventually home runs. But you must put in the work! Put in the work and the results will come.

Everyday, it’s our turn to Bat.

It’s our turn to SWING. Remember, that getting on base is important.

Everything doesn’t have to be a Home Run.

I Can Do…So Can You!

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