I hope and pray all is well with you! I haven’t shared in my blog (at least I don’t think so) about my decision to Becoming Vegan. Keep reading the rest of the blog where I share a new Podcast Episode, New Sermon of the Week, and book recommendation for you.

I’ve been living a Vegan Lifestyle for the Past 41 Days! It’s been fantastic. Here are some of the results that I’ve seen so far.

  1. I’m down 14.8lbs on the scale.
  2. My Total Cholesterol decreased by 53 points.
  3. My LDL Cholesterol decreased by about 40 points.
  4. My Blood Glucose and A1C also improved!
  5. My knee pain is almost virtually gone. I believe this is due to the inflammation that can come from meats and dairy.
  6. I have a TON of energy as WELL!
  7. It’s important to note I also eliminated all sugar (except for fruit), and caffeine! I decided there was no reason to delay eliminating these things that were also holding me back.
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New Podcast Episode! My Conversation with Evangelist Jared Bollman. We talk about his new Podcast called “Man Up” being a father, and a lot more!

Below is Jared’s Bio.

Jared Bollman is an evangelist, author, blogger, podcaster, and YouTube personality. As a preacher for over 25 years Jared has preached for congregations in Texas before making his home in the Pacific Northwest in 2020. He currently hosts the YouTube Program Biblically speaking which focuses on making difficult Bible concepts simple and providing evidence for faith, and a Podcast Man Up! that focuses on helping Christian men rise to their potential. Jared knows that his wife Lauren and son Will are as essential to His kingdom work as they are to his daily life and counts them blessings from God.

You can find his new Podcast called Man Up by clicking on this link! https://anchor.fm/jared-bollman/episodes/Episode-1-Values-e1c5hal

You can also listen to this Podcast Episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor.


Sermon of the Week: There is one Baptism!

Here is a PDF of my sermon outline if you would like to have as you listen. You can also use the outline to study more on your own!

I want to recommend to you “The Plant Based Athlete by Robert Cheeke. It’s become a New York Times Best Selling Book! It was gifted to me right when I began my journey and it greatly encouraged me along the way. Be sure to tune in my Podcast next week as I interview Robert Cheeke on the show! It was such a great conversation! It’s a wealth of knowledge of the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, recipes, stories, and more.

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