I originally wrote this on May 15th, on my Facebook page. I’m going to share it as a blog post as well.

Sadly, another shooting has taken place in Texas. This time, at an elementary school. Hearts are broken. I will be writing something about this as well soon.

We must continue to pray for our country. We must continue to pray for our neighborhoods. We must continue to pray for our children.

Article from my Facebook page on May 15th, 2022

More Black Lives Targeted.

More Black Lives Taken.

Black Lives and White Lives were taken in Buffalo by an 18 year-old.

As I watched the news, my mind went back to 2020. Did yours?

Another reminder that racism exists. It didn’t go away when Obama became President. It will never go away.

In the last 4-months, two incidences of racism has occurred in our neighborhood.

The latest was a white teenage boy yelling the N word to a couple of white kids who were playing. Caught on a Ring. I called the police. Not much can be done. The boy in Buffalo was detained about a year ago (correct me if I’m wrong) due to some threats. Now those threats became real.

Sadly, no one in our HOA has taken the incidences in our neighborhood seriously. My pray is that God will protect our neighborhood.

Nikki Lee and I had another talk with our son. He’s 10 going on 11, and he needs to be aware of what’s out in the world. There will be people who will hate him simply because of the color of his skin. We told him to never be ashamed of his color. Have you had these conversations as well?

I broke down mentally in 2020 with everything that took place. After 30 conversations with people on the subject of race, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got off social media. I’m in a different space now. I’m determined to get this workbook on what the Bible says about racism completed to help people now and in the future. Please pray for me. Lord willing, I will continue with my social media accounts.

I’ve been blessed to talk twice on the subject of racism on two podcasts this year.

Wes McAdams Radically Christian Pocast

Hal Hammons The Citizen of Heaven Podcast

We need to talk more about this. We need more white preachers to preach on this as well. I know there are men who currently are. This can’t be a subject only for black preachers to address. I’m thankful more are doing so.

In our pulpits we can preach on the “ism” of racism, just like we on atheism, etc. Let us never be afraid to preach on this subject and not merely when tragic events happen like this.

God is still in control. This world is not our home.

Let us continue to reach lost souls! Jesus died on the cross, so that all may redeemed.