Strength is a topic that’s often discussed on social media. Instagram influencers are quick to tell their audience how to become stronger. There are plenty of health clubs with trainers standing by to share their particular programs to help you to get stronger.

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Many are only focused on what their bodies look like and how strong they are physically. But there are different ways to measure strength.

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I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. Not feeling 100% is never the best. However, it is a great opportunity to see how strong one may be. I’m not talking about your bench press or how much you may squat. Rather, I’m referring to your state of mind and how much we will allow difficult circumstances to influence us for the worse.

Suffering is often a great avenue to see how strong one is. Now I know, no one really wants to suffer. However, suffering can and does reveal a lot about ourselves. These past few days I have been thinking about how I’m going to respond to these negative circumstances. Like you, I have a choice.

The truth is, just writing this blog is a win. I know consistency is the key. It’s one thing to know something, but it’s another to actually follow through and do we know to be true!

What’s the POINT?

  1. Strength can be measured in a variety of ways.
  2. Situations that are not necessarily the best, may provide you with the feedback you need of how mentally strong you are.
  3. Use challenging situations to grow even stronger.