Do you want to decrease the amount of time you worry?

Then get to WORK! That’s right. How simple is that, right?

Work is a blessing from God. There was work in the Garden of Eden before there was ever sin.

Noah was instructed by God to take food on the Ark to help feed the animals, Genesis Chapter 6.

Even when Paul was in prison, he was working teaching the Gospel of Jesus according to Acts Chapter 28. Less Worry, More Work!

In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” he spoke of how doctors would give soldiers coming back from war instructions to work and to keep their minds busy.

Worry seems to creep up in the evening hours. While it’s good to have quiet time and reflection, it’s also good to stay BUSY! Accomplishing tasks, projects, habits, etc. is a much better use of time than worry.

Worry will not accomplish much. Work will!

Get to work. Get to Kingdom work. You will be grateful you did.

I Can Do…So Can You