People still don’t believe

I’ve been on a 6 month journey getting back into shape. It’s been a fun ride! But it’s not over. 

This is not a one time thing for me. This is for life. I made a commitment to God that I wasn’t going to abuse the health and time He’s given me. When we’re giving a second chance we gotta appreciate it! There may come a time when I will not be able to exercise. Every workout is a blessing. 

I told my wife that I was going to prove to her that I was serious about my goals and transforming my body. That has not changed. 

My son is relying on me. I can’t let him down. I’ve shared with others some of the things that I’ve done the last 6 months. 

Some may be thinking, “Eventually, he will gain it back.” In the past I have. For the most part I’ve been in shape more than I’ve been out of shape. But that’s not good enough. 

The next 6 months I will continue to prove to my wife, my son, my friends, my brethren, and my God how serious I really am. We can never settle. I’m not going to settle. It’s on! 

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