Tomorrow is April 1st. It is also known as April Fools Day! Why? I got no clue! 

I guess I could look it up but I didn’t feel like it. Wow, tomorrow is April 1st. 

Do you remember January 1st? What goals did you make? Three months have past! 

A lot can be accomplished during that time, including fitness goals. So, how are you doing? Have you been crushing it, or have you been playing a joke on yourself? 

Have you been fooling yourself thinking that you can outwork a bad eating regimen? 

Have you been fooling yourself thinking you could skip hard work and still get great results? 

Have you been fooling yourself thinking that your clothes aren’t really that tight? 

Have you been fooling yourself thinking that you could keep all of that bad food in your house and not touch it? Cmon! 

Have you been fooling yourself with all of the excuses as to why you can’t workout? Really? 

Why? Why? Why? 

Aren’t you tired of it? Aren’t you ready to change? You know you are on the wrong path. So, what’s holding you back? 

Are you fooling yourself that you have plenty of time? How do you know how much time you have? None of us do! 

All this time we may waste fooling ourselves holds us back from great opportunities in the future. That’s no laughing matter. 

Come September there will be the same people all over again talking and complaining about how they need to get in shape. Will that be me? Nope! Will that be you? I hope not. 

The time is right now. No.More.Games. 

No more being foolish and wasting time! 

Get up! Yeah, I’m talking to you! Cmon.