I’m waiting for my truck at the hospital in Houston. I thought it would be faster to use valet, but apparently it is not! 

But I have thought about a couple of things today. 

Earlier I went to a funeral. It’s good to go to funerals, although most don’t want to. They are a reminder that life is short. Tomorrow is not promised. One day someone will debate about whether to go to your funeral. We all will die, Hebrews 9:27. 

Enjoy life now! No sense in complaining. 

Another thought…

Why are there Mcdonalds in hospitals, lol? That’s nuts! 

Why is it so hard to eat healthy in hospitals? Doesn’t make any sense does it? 

Do your best to stay out of a hospital! Take care of your health. It doesn’t take much to lose it. 

No one wants to end up in a hospital, but most don’t do what they need to in order to stay out of it. What are you doing? 

Yeah I’m talking to you…Get up!