I love to read! Reading is fundamental. Sadly, a lot of people don’t read. 

There are so many fitness books and magazines out there. It can become really confusing! 

I don’t have many fitness books in my library. Don’t really need that many. 

I’ve been following Bill Phillips program for the last seven months. I’ve been able to get great results. 

Even better is that his program is one that is sustainable for life! 

I recommend his “Body for Life” “Eating for Life” and “Transformation” books! These will pretty much cover what you need to know with respect to eating and exercising. Some have asked me what I’ve been doing, and I tell them “I’ve been following Bill Phillips plan.” 

My wife is a big Paula Deen fan, so she has her book. The Mind and Muscle book is special to me because I was able to get a couple of pictures in it many years ago. 

Reading is fundamental! Keep it simple. Pick up those books I recommended.