Stay away from the donuts…

Especially the 2lb donuts! 

Last year I went to Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock Texas. I heard about the 2lb donut they had.
I wanted to give it a shot! So me, my family, and some friends of ours made the trip. It was great spending time with family and friends. It was a bad idea to eat a 2lb donut. 

It took me about 45 minutes. That would begin a long stretch of bad eating. My heaviest I got last year was 240lbs. That’s bad. I mean that’s really bad. 

That donut was the equivalent of a dozen donuts. I don’t even want to know how much sugar was in it. 

I am not going back there to eat another 2lb donut. I don’t recommend that you do either. 

My relationship with food has had its good days and bad days. At times I can go to extremes both good and bad. 

I’ve gotten much better. But it is something that I have to be conscious of everyday. It’s so easy to regain the weight we have lost in a short amount of time. 

I’ve worked too hard to go back though. 

So have you! The donuts aren’t worth it! 

Or the cakes, cookies, or candy. 

Enjoy your health. You won’t have it forever. And stay away from those 2lb donuts.