Another Thursday…

Another Week…

Or is it? 

For me it’s not just another Thursday. It’s a reminder for me of December 29th! 

What feels like a long time ago (14 weeks ago) was when I got my second defibrillator placed in Boston! 

This is not just another Thursday for me. For me it’s…

“Thankful Thursday…”

“Time To Take Action Thursday…”

“Second Chance Thursday.”

“No Option But Success Thursday.”

I’m thankful that I have accesss to healthcare. I’m thankful that the procedure went well (things can happen even with what’s called routine procedures). 

Today is not just another Thursday. It’s Thankful Thursday for me! Cmon now! 

It’s time to be successful Thursday.

Don’t look at today or any day for that matter as just “another day.” That’s what gets so many in trouble with their health. They just float along and never appreciate the time they actually have! 

Take action right now. 

Lose that last ten pounds…

Sign up for that 5k! 

Do some air squats. Do something! 

Use that gym membership that you are paying for every month! 

Turn the T.V. off please. Your brain will thank you. 

It’s not just another Thursday. It’s Thankful Thursday. Count your blessings and name them one by one! Then crush a killer workout! Right now! 

Shame on us if we are taking our health for granted. Be a good steward of your body!