I love this quote! Just read it in a book that I finished earlier this morning. 

Yesterday is over…We live today. 

We keep pressing forward. This can have broad application in our lives.

For a Christian we keep pressing forward as Paul spoke about in Philippians 3:10-12. As Christians, we are on a mission. 

With respect to transforming our physical bodies, we LIVE TODAY…NOT YESTERDAY. We focus on what we can control today! We can’t go back and change yesterday. It’s done, over, complete, etc. 

We Live Today…

I watched my sermon I preached yesterday morning. I omitted a word in one of my statements. I felt terrible when I watched that particular part. I think people still understood what I was saying. It’s in the past now, and I have to Live Today…Not Yesterday. I have to write a new sermon for this Sunday night. It will be called, “When mom and dad do wrong.” I will get up and preach it with the same confidence that I have, even though I made a mistake yesterday. We Live Today…Not Yesterday. 

As it’s been said, “Yesterday is a closed book.” We Live Today! So what will be in your book today? What will you write? Will it be boring? Will it be negative? Will it be depressing? Or bright? Filled with gratitude and gladness? 

We Live Today! Make sure that you are actually LIVING!!!

What will you do with today? How will you make today great? How will you add upon the success that you had yesterday? 

What will you learn and do differently from the failure of yesterday? 

With our marriages, We Live Today. While your relationship may not be the best, we do have today. We do have an opportunity to do RIGHT today! We live today…Not yesterday. 

With our jobs, we live today…Not yesterday. Focus on improving. Focus on contributing even more. Focus on being grateful! 

We Live Today…Not Yesterday.