That’s a long title! I’m laughing as I type this. Food!!! We just can’t seem to get enough of it. 

If you grew up in a religious family and attended services at a local church, then at some point in time you probably enjoyed a nice Sunday church potluck! 

Some churches will even have a fellowship hall so they can have a set place to EAT!!! 


When I think of Sunday’s I think of worship and food! Do you? 

I loved our Sunday afternoon lunch that my family would have. In fact, I really miss it. I feel like my Sundays are jammed packed…because they are. It’s hard for me to sit still. I’m teaching Bible classes in the morning. I’m either preaching in the morning or afternoon. Then I typically have some kind of devo in the afternoon. Somewhere in between we will have some kind of lunch, depending on what’s going on. I like to eat light on Sundays depending on my schedule. I will typically workout on Sunday to get my mind moving. I will have a shake and some yogurt before morning worship. If I preach in the morning, then I will have a big lunch afterwards. If I preach in the evening, then I will eat light throughout the day. 

But after evening services it’s on with respect to food! 


Most people who know me know that I like food…ok sorry…I love food! Who doesn’t! It makes you feel good. As one person  said with respect to food, “It’s always there for you, it never says no, it can ease all of your problems for a few minutes, and it’s a great medicine!”


But let’s be honest! There are times as Christians that we can over do it with food. Would you agree? We may not smoke or drink, but y’all we can eat! 

The fruit of the Spirit is self-control. That’s what the Holy Spirit says in Galatians 5:23! But do we believe that when it comes to food and those Sunday potlucks?

Do we believe that the fruit of the Spirit is self-control when it comes to how we take care of our bodies? Typically, when you start talking to Christians about exercise and stuff like that they will quote 1 Timothy 4:8 where it says…

“…for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”

It seems like every Christian not interested in exercise or eating healthy knows this verse. They don’t know verse 7 or verse 9, but they know verse 8! Ha! 

Then some will say, “You see exercise profits little and therefore I don’t need to do any! Boom…drop the mic…I just gave you book, chapter, and verse!” 



Cmon people. Yes, our minds need to be on things above, Colossians 3:1. Yes, we are more than flesh and blood, Luke 9:25.

But cmon, do you think God wants His people 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 pounds overweight? 

Do you really think that it’s okay not to practice self-control when it comes to our food consumption and how we take care of our bodies? We can do better than that. I’m not saying we have to become consumed with exercise, but we should take care of our bodies. 

I’m not saying that we have to bench press 325 lbs or have a six pack, but we should take care of our bodies. 

When you think about it, it should be a natural response right? The fruit of the Spirit is self-control. In every aspect of our lives, we should practice self-control. Even with how much we eat and how we take care of our bodies. 

I know a lot of people who don’t want to be overweight. Wait, I guess I should say I don’t know anyone who ever intentionally wanted to be over weight. 

I don’t know of anyone who decides that they want to experience a heart attack or stroke. At least that’s what they would say. But their actions don’t show it. They eat in such a way that will put them at a greater risk of having one of these events. 

I’ve been there with respect to struggling with weight. It’s a constant battle. 95% of people who lose weight will regain it. That’s crazy! Therefore, we have to be intentional with releasing the weight and keeping it off once and for all! 

This is about life. This is about influence. This is about being around for our families. This is about having the energy to do the work of God! 

Sometimes people are over weight but it’s not because of a lack of self-control. There could be some other medical issues going on. 

I’m not here to attack anyone or make fun. No one should do that. I have struggled with my weight and I don’t like it. I’ve seen family members struggle with weight and the pain it brings. This is a serious matter. 

But I am here because so many times the many things we suffer with physically are self-induced. With a few simple modifications of our diet and implementing exercise, we could reduce a lot of physical problems we often experience. 


It’s great and it’s from the Lord. We should enjoy it, Ecclesiastes 3:13. It is appropriate at times to be an emotional eater! But we also should practice self-control. Even during those church potlucks.