I can sing y’all! Everybody knows that! 

No wait, that’s a typo! I can’t sing!!! 

Hold on a second…What I meant to say is I love to sing 🎶 even though I may struggle every now and then holding a note! Yesterday, my wife and I dropped our first album!!! It’s a hit! Ok, maybe not. 

It hasn’t earned us any money. But I’m pretty sure we lost some weight laughing in the car 🚗 as we sang for about 4.5 hours! There’s something powerful about singing. It can change your mood. We posted our new album on Facebook and we already have people lining up to buy it. 

Oops…silly typos. Ok no one is buying it, but people sure did get a laugh.  I’m happy about that. What if we got kids in school to take a break in the middle of the day and just start singing? 

Or what if the congress or senate had to break out in Song periodically when negations weren’t working out? Ha!!! Wouldn’t those long late night sessions be that more interesting! 

Sing! Be Happy! 

Couples should sing together! Try it! Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself. Have fun!!! 

Ready, Set, Go!