For the past year I have been focused with my eating. I eat 6 meals a day. Every 2-3 hours I eat a portion of protein and carbs. 

Every day! Every meal! I feel it when I don’t. I’m intentional with this plan. I’m thinking about the future and my health. 

I have seen results. I released about 25 pounds from August 28-December 29 last year. I’ve kept the weight off. I’ve gained muscle. I’m content. Lord willing I’m never going back. 

But I’ve realized I will need to do more. I will need to EAT whenever I EAT! What do I mean? I’m so glad you asked! 

For over a year now I wake up early. It’s my time. It’s my time to think, to read scripture, and to pray. I feel off when I don’t. I’m not always perfect, but it’s about progress and not perfection. 

I read a scripture this morning from Psalm 119:164 where King David said, “Seven times a day I praise you, Because of your righteous ordinances.”

David was a man of God. He loved the Lord. He made a lot of mistakes, but he would repent and return to the Lord. 

David was a busy man. He was a king, husband, father, warrior, song writer, etc.  Yet 7 times a day he said he would praise God. His mind was constantly on the Lord. 

What if I ate whenever I ate? What if I ate from the word of God whenever I ate my physical meals? 

What if every time I consumed a meal I hit the pause button and read a couple of scriptures? What if I said a prayer and gave praise to God? How much stronger would I be spiritually? I’m about to find out. While I have spent time in prayer and reading the word in the morning, I need more. I need to stay full. I need my spiritual nutrients. 

Will you join me in eating whenever you eat? 7 meals a day! 

When we are eating that much whatever the devil wants to offer us will not be appealing at all. 

It’s time to eat!