I’ve been called many things. When I lived in Illinois one of my nicknames was…


My preacher there used to call me that. 

When I was in college at the University of Illinois a lot of people called me HOOTIE! I guess they thought I looked like Darius Rucker. Cmon, I don’t look like him. I certainly can’t sing like him. 

Another nickname I’ve had in Beaumont has been CAKES! That’s because I love FOOD! In particular BIRTHDAY CAKE. 

But lately I feel like more like a robot. 

Every day I eat 6 meals a day. Every week I have either 2 free meals or a free day on Sunday. This is when I will eat whatever I want, including birthday CAKE! HEB store has great birthday CAKE. 

I’ve lost weight and have kept it off. If I want to eat something then I will have it. 

But lately I just don’t want the foods that in the past I lived for. Foods like pizza, cake, ice cream., etc. A couple of things have happened. I think I’m becoming a robot. Or maybe not. 

1. I’ve seen good results with my fitness and I want them to continue.

2. My taste buds have changed this past year.

3. I’m tired of wasting time. Losing and gaining weight back only to lose it again is a waste of time! 

4. Certain foods just aren’t exciting to me anymore. 

Blah, Blah, Blah…

Every once in a while I get a craving. But I think I have re-wired my brain. I had a free meal last night. I felt like I was forcing myself. Something has changed with my mindset. Time to hit the pause button. I’m just not interested anymore. Just give me health. And my lemon water in the morning! And my blueberries in my shake. And my broccoli (I can’t believe I just said that). And my protein shakes! I learned from my mom that when she was pregnant she drank a lot of Shaklee protein shakes. Maybe that’s why I like protein shakes so much. 

The phrase “eat to live” is becoming more of a reality. I don’t need to eat certain foods to have a good time. 

I think I’m becoming a robot. Is this just a phase? Maybe, but it doesn’t feel that way. We shall see. 

What I do know is that I don’t need CAKE to be strong. 

I don’t need pizza to have a good time. 

I don’t need to run to food as a place of refuge. God is my refuge. 

I don’t need food to celebrate every accomplishment. There are other ways. 

I’m becoming  a robot. Or maybe I’m just becoming more focused than ever! 

What about you? 

Do you run to food more than to God? 

Do you eat certain foods even though you really don’t want them? 

Are you becoming like a robot? Have you had enough of the yo yo gaining and losing weight? 

Maybe it’s time to become more focused. 

You can do it!