We live in a fast paced society. We can get food really fast. We can get to our travel destinations faster. Our internet keeps getting faster. We can buy movie tickets faster by buying them online and now on our phones. When we don’t get what we want fast, we get frustrated.

Today, people want to lose WEIGHT FAST! We have SLIM FAST! We have shows like the Biggest Loser (they may done) that paint the picture of losing WEIGHT FAST!

Yet patience is an attribute we need in all that we do. We need patience when it comes to weight loss, financial growth, and in our relationships. We need patience when it comes to our spiritual growth. A great example of the kind of patience we need is found in the Old Testament of the Bible with the Israelites.

God had great things in store for them. But they would have to be patient. One day they would inherit the promise land, but it would take time. God told them He would give it to them LITTLE BY LITTLE, Exodus 23:27-31.

The challenge for Israel was that they were not to get ahead of God. It was God that determined how fast or how slow Israel’s progression was to be. It would
not be up to them, Exodus 13:17-18, 40:36-38. God had laid out their path. They were to follow it and go little by little.

But that would be hard, don’t you think? Put yourself in Israel’s shoes for a moment. You have been enslaved for centuries and are anxious to get this new land. Other nations around you have land, and you don’t want to feel inferior to them. Now that you have crossed the Red Sea and were expecting to be in the land in no time, only to find out that it would take TIME. Can you imagine the frustration? Israel was frustrated with God’s pace and therefore began to complain, Numbers 11:1-5, 14:4. They questioned God and His wisdom. Some got off of God’s path because they thought they knew better than Him. They would learn that they were wrong.


Do we respond the same way in our lives? DO we get inpatient with God? We need a LITTLE BY LITTLE attitude. We want to get to our destination immediately. If we don’t, we often will complain. We don’t like moving little by little. We see people around us with stuff we don’t have. The challenge for us is not to be so impatient that we will try to get ahead of God.

Many churches want to grow fast and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. They get tired of teaching and preaching the gospel, and growing little by little. Instead of that they will engage in error by attempting to attract people with chicken dinners, contemporary worship, Saturday night service, and rock concerts.

Many young people in the world think it silly to wait until marriage for sexual intimacy. Instead, they ignore God’s path and engage in something they shouldn’t do.

Many couples ignore God’s wisdom handling finances. Instead, they get everything they want immediately.

Many people will wreck their metabolism in an effort to lose weight as quickly as possible. They want instant results, and are often not willing to be patient.


It’s a tough mindset to have, but it’s the right one.

It’s Hard…

However, it is Possible…

It is Worth it…

But will we have a LITTLE by LITTLE mindset? One day you will reach the promise land. For the Israelites that was the land of Canaan. For Christians, it will be Heaven. Be patient. Trust in God. You will get there when you follow Him and His word.

With respect to the goals you are going after be sure to have the same mindset. Be patient with your weight loss goals. They will come. Be patient with your strength increasing. It will happen. By persistent with reducing that debt. Eventually you will get there.

But it will require that you go…