Stay Fit To Enjoy Life!

This has been a great day! 

I got great sleep last night. 

It’s day 8 with no 5 hour energy. My energy levels are beginning to increase. 

I got up at 4 to do my daily routine (Chronological Bible reading, prayers, read the book of Colossians, and Psalm 143). Then I met some guys at the beach to do some fishing. I got in the kayak and into the water. It was relaxing to be able to enjoy Gods creation. 

I did a hundred push-ups in the sand. That was tough. Then I came home and walked and ran outside for about an hour! I even threw in a little hill work. 

It’s only 1:10pm! There’s so much time left in the day. Fantastic! 

As I was outside I was thinking about how grateful I am that I can do these kinds of things. Fitness is not merely about how much you can bench press, squat, or if you a six pack! 

It’s also about enjoying life. It’s about getting outside and moving. It’s about being able to do multiple things and still having something left in the tank. 

It’s about being able to enjoy life! 

So stay fit…

So you can enjoy your family…

So you can enjoy your time off…

So you can enjoy life! 


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