A Sad Piece Of Cake 

Last August on my birthday, I ate a piece of birthday cake. 

I was not excited. It was a sad piece of cake. It wasn’t the cakes fault! 

It was mine. Being 239 pounds was my fault. Having a 40 inch waist was my fault. Being out of shape was my fault. My love affair with cake had finally caught up with me. 

It was always there for me, but it hurt me! 

It deceived me. Okay, it was the cakes fault that I was overweight. 

No wait, it was my fault. I should have said “NO” more! 

But this year…

It’s amazing what can happen in a year…

Real changes can take place…

But only with intention, clarity, planning and preparation. 

I don’t know what I’m going to eat on my birthday. But it won’t be a sad piece of cake. I may have some cake (although key lime pie has caught  my eye). 

But it will be great! Epic…

My mindset is so different than it was last year.  I’m thankful that I’ve dropped the weight and have kept it off, not by dieting but through plenty of eating and exercising and having CAKE!!!!

No dieting!!! 

Common sense eating!!! 

Let’s go!!! 

This year there will be no sad cake! 


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