I mentioned in an earlier blog how I began to blog in 2017. Many of my blogs are on this site, and some are on another. I will be sharing more of my blogs here in the near future.

I not only began to blog, but I also began creating books. I never thought that I would be able to create a book. All of the books are connected to my life in some shape or fashion. They are all personal to me. After two years I have finished (for now) creating books.

None have become best sellers. That’s okay.

None have brought a huge pile of money. That’s okay.

None have produced 10,000 new likes or followers. Cool, no problem.


They have produced many other qualities.

After each creation, I began to have more confidence. I had a sense of satisfaction of being able to see something through. That has felt good. After each of these creations, I was able to influence others around me. I think the biggest person I’ve been able to influence has been my seven-year-old son. He’s writing books like never before! I love it. Now he’s even adding a TOC (Table of Contents).

But there’s more. Through the process of making books, I’ve learned that we all have ideas and thoughts that are worth sharing. Having a blog or making a book will have a positive impact on at least one person. That one person just may be YOU. And that’s great! Creating these books has been good therapy for me. I learned that I can do more than I think. These books have helped me to have an I CAN DO ATTITUDE.

So, are you ready? Let’s go. Here are a couple of thoughts if you’ve been thinking about taking that next step and getting yourself out there.

1. Begin to write. Start with 100 words a day. That’s not a lot but it will get the ball moving. Go for 500 if you can.
2. Be consistent with your writing. Have one of your goals to be to write maybe for one week straight or even 30 days straight.
3. Use resources around you to get you started. All of my books went through CreateSpace (which is a part of Amazon) and now go through Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing. Check It Out!

I can have my books on Amazon and produced for free. Other resources you may want to check are the following…

This should be enough to get you started. While you can have plenty of resources, you first must begin. Are you ready to put pen to pad? Are you ready to type? Are you ready to lean toward that fear and nervousness? Go for it.


Let’s Go.

P.S. Here is the link to my author page on Amazon. I would love to hear if you get any of my books and your thoughts on them. If I can help you any other way please let me know.

My Books On Amazon