You can do more than that. You are stronger than you think. I am stronger than I think. While this sounds so good, do we really believe it? Do we really believe that we can wake up at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. or even 6 a.m.? Do we really believe that we can lose the weight and keep it off?

Do we really believe that we change our behavior? Do we really believe?

There’s always more that we can do. But it begins first by believing that it is even possible. That’s where so many people fall short. That’s gotta change and that’s gotta change right now.

You can do more than that.

It is possible that you can make it through the holidays without gaining weight. It is possible that you can endure that work trip and still get those workouts in. Even in the toughest of times it’s possible to do more than what we possibly think we could do. But unfortunately, we often sell ourselves short. We believe the lies we tell ourselves. We believe the lies others tell us.

  1. “I don’t have time to get my workout in today. Plus, I’m really busy anyway.”
  2. “I’m already working out and doing well. I can kind of coast for a while. It won’t really matter.”
  3. “My family member (insert name here ____________) doesn’t workout, so it’s not a big deal if I do or don’t.”
  4. “I have this health condition after all, so I’m already limited with what I can do.”

The list could go on and on and on. It’s time to stop this nonsense.

We have more in the tank. We can take one extra step. We can do one extra rep. WE CAN DO. I CAN DO. Do you believe? You must believe. That’s where it begins.

We can do more than we think we can do. We are stronger than we think. It will require focus. We will have to sacrifice some things (less social media, less television, going to bed earlier each night, etc.) It will require great intensity.

So, what are you going to do today? Congratulations on doing something. Now, can you take it one step further? Can you do a little bit more? Can you push yourself to have even greater intensity? You certainly can. We all can.

I Can Do. So can you. Now go and do more