A Letter To My Heart,

Dear HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy),

As I’m finishing up my workout (upper body) I’ve been thinking about you. I thought about how much control you’ve had on me in the past, and if I’m honest even occasionally now.

Your power and influence was really strong when I was first diagnosed over a decade ago. You had me. You dictated the terms. You controlled my mood. You made me hit the brakes.


I slowly began to break free. True, it took some time but I stopped believing your lies. I know I’m going to die one day. That’s a fact of life whether I have a heart condition or not. But I was through with your lies.

I began to leave you in the dust. But you are pretty smooth. I got an ICD in 2010, and for a while you had me again. When I summoned the courage to get back to running, I fell the first time out. More control and fear from you. Good job. But I got up baby. I took back control. You can’t beat me. I’m too strong.

I made some motivational bracelets for myself and others. I took control back. I flipped the script. I’m in control not you.

I was dominating you. Then you struck again. Blood clot in right coronary artery in 2014! Didn’t see that coming heart. Sure I was depressed and soothed myself with a vanilla sheet cake (it was good). You hit right when we’re debt free. Smooth. But in time I flipped the script again.

I turned that moment into a sermon. A teaching point. More motivation for me and others.

I’m back in control. I know you’re always lurking. I welcome your presence. We’re one. You’ve made me make my own workout shirts. You’ve made me write a book about my condition. More control for me. So thanks for the push.

You are my heart and so I do love you. Thanks for the blood and oxygen. Just remember who is in control. I AM. YOU GOT IT?

What about you.

Write yourself a letter.

A letter from the heart to your heart.

Take back control. Do what you can do.

Take control in the mind.

Take control in the kitchen.

Take control and flip the script. Write a book, start a podcast, design a T-shirt. Anything to tell your HEART, “I’m in control, not you.”

Let’s go!!