Dear son, daddy is so proud of you.

You are becoming a young man more and more every day.

I am thankful that you are in my life and mommy’s life.

Whenever we look at you, we are very proud. I know that you will go way beyond my footsteps. Just always be sure to remain in the footsteps of Jesus. Continue to excel still more.

Mommy and daddy are teaching you life lessons.

Learning how to make money.

Learning how to reach a deadline.

Learning how to prepare for all the difficult challenges that lie ahead.

Challenges like racism.

Challenges like atheism.

Challenges like bullying.

Challenges where people go against what God has to say.

My prayer for you is that you will always follow King Jesus. I will do my best to lead you down the right path.

I know one day you’ll have to make a choice to follow Jesus.

I pray that you will. The choice will always be yours.

My prayer is that you will become a strong man.

A strong black man.

A strong Christian man. A Godly man.

A strong family man.

Keep going! You will be ready one day. Like an arrow, one day mommy and I will release you like an arrow! I know you will go far.

The sky is not the limit.

Love you son!

P.S. pick up those Dino toys. They hurt when I step on them, lol.