It has no emotions, but it can control yours.

It has no voice, but it can control how you speak to yourself.

It has no eyes but can make you feel like it’s looking inside your soul.

It’s always available to give you some attention, but it should rarely be paid attention to.

You can stand on it with all your might, but it will often make you feel really weak.

Do you know what I’m referring to? I’m talking about the dreaded scale! It’s incredible how this small device can have so much control over us. Depending on what the three digits are they can make a grown person cry! Have you ever struggled with the scale? Yeah, me too. I used to have two scales in case one of them was off or if I didn’t like the other number. Do you find yourself constantly drawn to the scale? Yeah, so did I. Until I threw them away.

Do you find yourself scared to even get on the scale? Yeah, I’ve been there. If I’m honest, at times I think I’m still there. Do you feel like you always need to know how much you weigh? Are you as SCALE -O- HOLIC, as one of my friends, described herself? If so, welcome to the club.

The reality is, it’s time to go BEYOND THE SCALE. I’ve been on a journey the last few years. I think I’m beginning to recognize what it takes to truly go BEYOND THE SCALE. I even wrote a book about it. It’s available on Amazon.

Beyond the scale book front

I want to make one suggestion that I think may be able to help you if you find yourself struggling with the scale.

YOU ARE MORE THAN A THREE DIGIT NUMBER. Your worth, our worth is defined by our FICO score, bank account, and certainly not what the scale says.

Know your worth. It’s not what the scale says. Don’t be defined by it.

Have you struggled with the scale? If so, I would love to hear how you’ve been able to move away from it or other tips and suggestions you may have. I will be speaking more about this in future blogs.