So many women are defined by their appearance.

By their lips.

By their hips.

By their fingertips.

Do they measure up? So they look the part? Are they Instagram worthy?

Men begin to look at women in this manner as well. Comic books depict women with big breasts, big lips, and a petite waist. Oh yeah, and a big butt.

Women who don’t meet this artificial standard begin to feel bad. They don’t feel attractive or beautiful.

Guys are not exempt.

Do you have a six-pack?

Broad shoulders?

Slim waist?

Are you packing?

These standards start early. We’re fed them in a systematic way. Even guys struggle with body image.

But I say…

Ignore these false standards. They don’t define you. These bodies will get old one day. There’s more than just this flesh.

That’s the battle. The flesh. Feeding it. Pleasuring it. There’s a better way.

We are more than flesh and blood.

This is not about staying in shape. This is not about looking pretty or handsome. But rather the obsession our society has placed on the physical.

I Can Do…So Can You

Were more than just our looks. They will fade.

I have a scar on my head, chest, and now my leg. Scars to your beautiful.

So the next time you look in the mirror, see and know you’re beautiful. And handsome.

Those scars are beautiful.

Have an I Can Do mindset. Don’t feed into the social media frenzy of lips, hips, breasts, fingertips, abs, small waist, and every other body part!

I Can Do…So Can You.

Cmon. Do you agree?

Would love to hear your thoughts.