“There is one who PRETENDS to be rich, but has nothing. Another PRETENDS to be poor, but has great wealth.

I’ve been posting a Proverb a day. This one caught my attention from Proverbs 13:7. I wanted to share it even though I’ve already discussed Proverbs 13.

It made me think about the book “Millionaire next door.” There are plenty of people who live regular lives (at least by the standards of many) but who are really millionaires. They don’t flash what they have. They don’t brag.

But then there are those who like to put on a show. We’ve heard about plenty of people like this. They want others to see them as rich, when they are BROKE. Don’t be deceived. Don’t compare yourselves to others. You may be getting upset that you don’t have as much as someone else, when in reality you may actually have MORE.

Enjoy what you have. Enjoy your life. Be wise. Save. Work hard. Listen to the Proverbs.