I’ve been in QUESTION MODE. When I see people doing something well, I begin to get curious. I want to know more.

  1. What’s their secret?
  2. What advice are they willing to share?
  3. What I might be able to modify in my life?

The last few weeks I’ve had an opportunity to talk to some people who have been married for a LOONNG TIME. My wife and I will be married 15 years next month.

Wedding Day

Marriage has changed a lot in our country and the world for that matter. But my standard is what’s found in the scriptures. In the beginning…Genesis 1:1. God set the standards for what marriage is supposed to look like way before the nation of Israel was established, and way before Christianity was established. One man and one woman for life, Genesis 2:21-24. That’s not as popular, but I believe it to be the standard.

So I asked some couples recently who have been married for over 40 years some questions. Here’s what I learned.

  1. For Men: Put your wife on a pedestal. Treat her like a queen.
  2. For Men and Women: One man I spoke to said that his parents couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. That’s some good advice right there. Keep the passion burning.
  3. For Men: Your wife is always right! There have been plenty of times where I should have listened to my wife MORE. It didn’t serve me well when I didn’t.
  4. For Women: Always give 110%. That’s what a lady told my wife last night. She mentioned how so many give up too quickly when it comes to marriage.

As I gather more advice, I will share. If you have any thoughts (agree or disagree) please share.