We all have plans. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plans.

Can you relate? I know you can because changes are simply a part of life.

My family and I had big plans for this past Thursday and Friday. But we had some uninvited guests who decided to show up at our house.

The first was named Bronchitis. He was really mean, loud, and annoying. But he also brought his girlfriend named Sinusitis. Talk about irritating. They both wouldn’t shut up!

PLEASE, BE QUIET YOU TWO. After three days, they finally seem to be getting tired. For some reason, they seemed to really like my wife.

The third visitor was even worse! I have no idea who invited him. His name was Flu. Somehow he got in, and wanted to talk to me: a lot! I tried to ignore him. I told him I had plans, I wasn’t in the mood, I did mantra talk like, “I don’t get sick..” but none of it seemed to stick with him.

I finally asked for his last name. He didn’t have one, just an initial: A. So, I asked him, “What do we call you then? Mr. Flu-A?” He replied with, “YEP!”

WOW! What a loser. These three visitors have been so annoying, draining, time-consuming, and really expensive!

They have grounded us! Thankfully, I’m beginning to think they have gotten the memo. We don’t want them in our home!


Get out of here!

Later Alligator.

Hopefully, they will come to their senses soon.