My family and I have been enjoying Disney Plus! We’ve watched tons of Marvel movies. Before we ever had Disney plus, we were watching tons of Marvel movies!

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As a result, we’ve been experimenting with different shows and series. We’ve been pondering about whether or not we’re going to get a dog. We’ve had cats in the past. Recently, we turned to a particular series where a guy works with dogs that have a lot of issues. It was fascinating to see how he was really able to rehabilitate these precious animals.

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One of the lines which stood out to me was how dogs can sometimes be addicted to attention! WHAT! They can be so addicted to attention that it becomes a problem. They will act in a certain manner (sometimes bad) just for the sake of attention.

“Addicted To Attention.” After hearing this phrase I immediately turned to my wife and said, “This is how a lot of people act.” Would you agree? I’m certainly not saying we’re on the same levels as dogs. Nor am I calling anyone a dog.

My point is this: We live in an age where at times it can appear that it’s all about who can get the most attention. Social media is really about drawing attention to ourselves. Think about the photos we post. We want them to look good. I’m wondering if we’ve gone too far? People are willing to do crazy acts for the purpose of being seen!

Now the big question is do I act this way? I think we all want attention from others. Many are working on a platform of some sort as well. There’s nothing wrong seeking promotion and getting one’s name out there. I along with others will just have to be cautious and truthful to ourselves about why we’re doing what we’re doing. It can be so easy to constantly seek the spotlight. My son recently asked me if I was famous. I said No! I don’t want to be famous. Some people do.

While it can be easy to seek after the attention of others, I began to think about God! God wants us to seek Him. God wants our attention! God wants our time. It’s not because He needs our attention or time to survive. Rather, we need Him to survive and thrive. He desires a relationship with us! That’s pretty powerful when you really consider who He is. Let’s put the spotlight on Him. Let’s give Him more of our attention. I guarantee our lives will improve.

Thank you for reading!

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