That’s what I’ve been referring to this year too. Let me explain.

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At the end of January, I was scheduled to travel to SouthEast Texas.

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Then my wife got bronchitis.

Then I got Flu-A. Plans canceled.

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A week before all of that happened my plans to visit Tampa Florida were canceled for February.

I was going to visit a college but one of the students had measles.

People don’t often think about measles, but it spreads way faster than the flu or COVID-19 coronavirus. Now, I see what’s taking place around the world and even now just hearing about the NBA suspending their season, I’m reminded that this is the year of cancellation.

I have a variety of thoughts when it comes to the COVID-19 Coronavirus and what’s taking place.

  1. I’m taking it pretty seriously. We all should. I know what a lot of people are saying that we should worry about it, but it is wise for us to truly take the time to consider what’s happening. There are good sources to consider.
  2. People are being forced to slow down. I recently told my wife the impact this year will have upon many. I feel really bad for those who have or may lose loved ones from it. But I’m also thinking about how so many people talk about being busy and wanting to slow down. This will now force people to truly slow down. I’m curious how certain social media platforms will respond with so many companies telling their employees to work from home.
  3. Sports are not as important at least right now. With the NBA just suspending the rest of the season, the NCAA tournaments being played with no crowd, and more sporting events going this direction, I think this will cause some to truly reflect where sports stand in their lives. I was sad to hear about the NBA in particular. Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for the players and the fans. I was just anticipating the playoffs and watching to see what would happen between the Clippers and the Lakers. We may never find out.

I don’t know if I have an earth-shattering point with this blog post. It’s just me really typing and sharing what’s in my mind.

Let’s do all we can do and be wise.

I went to Walmart today because we only had 1 roll of toilet paper left. Thankfully they still had wipes. They had some paper for .60 cents for a pack of 4! That can’t be good toilet paper. Probably why it was all that remained.


Big Lots had some toilet paper!

Stay safe and be wise.

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