I’m 22 days late!

22 days late from posting about one of my latest challenges.

Back in July I began to walk outside. Walking is a simple way of exercising. It’s free. It’s easy on the body. You can do it anywhere!

two people walking in the forest
Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

I was feeling burned out with the exercise routine I had been following.

But I also knew that doing nothing would not be good. So I decided to start again with the basics. I began to walk.

I felt like Forrest Gump when he began to run! “I WAS WALKING!!!” Ha!

Each morning, I would get my running shoes and begin to walk. I kept it going in July. In the process, one of my neighbors has decided to start walking with me! My wife and son are also now walking with me! Amazing! My neighbor has two dogs who are also walking with us. One of them is named Birdie. I love Birdie. We do a ton of sprints during each walk.

Last week, when I looked at Garmin and downloaded my walking information, I was shocked! Since July, I had walked 128 miles. WOW!

In August, after having a few weeks under my belt, I decided to start a challenge. Who doesn’t love a good challenge, right? I decided that I’m going to walk at least 10 minutes outside for the next 365 days. Currently, I’m on Day 22. It’s been great. Last night, I totally forgot to walk. I remembered at 10 pm that I needed to walk. I got it in. No excuses.

It’s amazing seeing such a big number of miles over a few months, while seeing a small amount of miles in any given day. That’s the power of “LITTLE by LITTLE.” Doing things a little bit at a time will turn into big gains. But having an all or nothing approach will often result in little gains.

I did a Podcast called, “Little by Little.” https://anchor.fm/icdbenjaminlee/episodes/Little-by-Little-espjpm

Here’s a blog post I did a few years ago on the idea of “Little by Little.”


Today to remember 9/11, I walked 9.11 miles.

Challenges are a simple way to keep you moving forward. You don’t have to do someone else’s challenge. You can do your own! In fact, making one for yourself is a way to keep you motivated long term. Here is a link from a previous blog post on some of my previous challenges. https://benjaminlee.blog/2019/08/29/book-a-photo-shoot-2/

This is all for now. So, what are you going to do? What are you willing to do to accomplish your goals? What are ready to do to get to where you want to be? Maybe it’s a walking challenge. Maybe it’s a eating challenge. You decide. Just be sure to follow through!


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