It began last year waking up at 4a.m. The house was silent. 

But it was loud inside my head. I was talking to myself. Sometimes I would yell. Other times I would remind myself that I could do it. I would imagine how I would feel and look like as I got back into shape. I was preparing my body to change by changing my mindset. 

Then I would write….

And write…

And write….

Then some more! I would talk to God in prayer. I would write my prayers. I love writing my prayers. I can go back and see where my faith is weak. I can see how God has moved. People still feel so heavy even after losing weight because of the state of their soul. We can’t carry around the weight of sin. 

I would write out phrases at a furious pace to motivate myself. Over and over and over again until my hand got tired. Eventually, it would begin to stick. 

I can’t stop writing. It’s a part of my morning ritual. 

Transformation begins in your mind. Your mind must change. The way you talk to yourself must change. 

The transformation never ends. Therefore, the writing never ends. 

Cmon now let’s go!!!