I will never forget Hurricane Harvey. Will you? There are certain moments in our lives that we should never forget. 

There are certain moments that should change us for the better. They should pierce our souls! They should create a stirring up in our hearts. 

I will never forget…

1. Winning the 8th grade male student of the year award. That gave me confidence. 

2. Seeing my dad physically abusing my mom. That taught me never to hit a woman and to treat them right. 

3. Waiting until the last minute to take my exams for a particular class while at the University of Illinois. I failed most of those quizzes. That taught me not to wait until the last minute. 

4. Meeting Nikki (my wife) for the first time in New York and asking her out for dinner. That taught me that it never hurts to ask! The worst that can happen is someone may tell you “No!” But they could also say “Yes” and your life could change forever for the better. 

5. When I was saved by the blood of Jesus and the great joy and relief I felt, Acts 22:16.

6. Seeing my son for the first time and holding him. That stirred up a lot of fear and joy all at the same time. How is that possible? 

7. Receiving the phone call from my sister saying that my dad had just died. That was a long day and stirred up a lot of pain. 

8. Being on the highway and learning about 9/11. That created a lot of confusion and anger. 

9. When I drove to Beaumont to begin a preacher training program. That created a lot more faith in my God. How would we get by starting off at $25,000 down from making over $100,000 from salary and benefits with Pfizer? That taught me to do things that most people will not do. TAKE RISKS. The worst that could happen is that it wouldn’t work out. I could always go back to corporate life. But it has worked out and changed my live forever. TAKE MORE RISKS Benjamin!!

10. Speaking at two Bill Phillips transformation camps. That created even more confidence and ideas like never before. 

11. Working with Shannon Ethridge and receiving personal counseling. This has created a spark in my thinking and marriage like never before. 

I could go on and on….

Now there’s Hurricane Harvey.

He’s stirred up more than just WATER! Can you feel that things have changed? When a storm like this hits, how can things not change? There’s no way our lives can simply go back to what they were even a month ago. 

What has this Hurricane stirred up in you? For me it’s stirred up a few things.

1. It has increased my sense of urgency. I know that I need to get things done, but I’ve been reminded that I need to get things done RIGHT NOW! Don’t delay. 

2. It has forced me to think even more about what matters. A lot of people have lost STUFF. But that STUFF is important. That STUFF has a lot of value in it for a variety of reasons. When I look at my possessions, there  are a few pieces of STUFF that really matter to me. But I’ve been reminded how important family and friendship truly is. It matters that I’m right with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That is what matters. 

3. That life is short! Therefore, take risks. Go after your dreams. And do it now! 

4. That there’s great pleasure helping others. Jesus was right (as He always is) with what He said in Acts 20:35. Go read it for yourself. 

5. That amazing ideas and futures can be created and developed even in the midst of storms. Storms have a way of giving CLARITY. I have more CLARITY. 

6. A greater appreciation of my health. Cleaning up homes that have been flooded is tough work. You need to be healthy and strong. Being in shape in the midst of a storm will allow you to help more people. 

Hurricane Harvey has stirred up my mind and thoughts with respect to writing. There’s so much going on and things I feel the need to write. Thanks for reading and following. 

Leave me some comments about what Hurricane Harvey has stirred up in you.